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Using Gifs for bellwork is something that can be a powerful tool. Students enjoy them, and teachers can use these images to get students to engage in a wide variety of creative tasks. This is a no-brainer for Language, Language Arts, and Creative Writing teachers.

Throw this up on the Whiteboard and have the students write a short narrative on it. Describe the scene. Create a short-short story. Have them write two sentences and pass it along - the old ‘telephone’ game.

Used correctly - and sparingly - this can be a fun change-up from the usual bellwork or quick-write.

One piece of advice - if you are linking to a site, be careful. Instagram and deviantart can be great resources but you might find content that may not be appropriate. You also want to make sure that any links or embeds you create for your students are not blacklisted by your district.

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Since Google Drive, I have been an early adopter of teaching technologies. With an English teacher, I piloted a very early version of google apps for education. I have piloted, beta’d or been involved in testing and applying tools ranging from WordPress sites for my students, blogging, v-blogging, remind (back when it was remind101), gradecam and other grading apps, and - one of my favs - Plickrs!

A lot of my colleagues ask me about solutions for this, that, or another thing and I decided that I would create an online resource where I share all my experiences, opinions, and tutorials (past and future).

So, if you are here because I gave you the magic ticket - welcome! If you stumbled upon my neighborhood - doubly welcome (there is nothing as grand as an unexpected guest, is there?)!

I hope you find this resource useful…it is the beginning of a new year and any teacher knows how that is for us. It might take a bit for me to get content up and get myself in the groove of ‘feeding’ this site. So be patient - I promise I will try to make it worth your time.