Mr. History's Neighborhood

A space for me to share my exploration of educational 'teachnology''

Hi Folks!

Thanks for visiting.

Since Google Drive, I have been an early adopter of teaching technologies. With an English teacher, I piloted a very early version of google apps for education. I have piloted, beta’d or been involved in testing and applying tools ranging from WordPress sites for my students, blogging, v-blogging, remind (back when it was remind101), gradecam and other grading apps, and - one of my favs - Plickrs!

A lot of my colleagues ask me about solutions for this, that, or another thing and I decided that I would create an online resource where I share all my experiences, opinions, and tutorials (past and future).

So, if you are here because I gave you the magic ticket - welcome! If you stumbled upon my neighborhood - doubly welcome (there is nothing as grand as an unexpected guest, is there?)!

I hope you find this resource useful…it is the beginning of a new year and any teacher knows how that is for us. It might take a bit for me to get content up and get myself in the groove of ‘feeding’ this site. So be patient - I promise I will try to make it worth your time.